The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here.


In the course of human history, there have been three major industrial revolutions that produced sweeping and transformative changes to everyday life.

While the 1st Industrial Revolution was driven by steam, the 2nd by electricity and the 3rd by digital computing, the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) holds the power to profoundly reshape our world and reframe our lives by fully unleashing the power of a connected and integrated world.

The 4IR is being shaped by the convergence of the physical, digital and biological spheres. It will be defined by our increasing ability to analyze growing amounts of data to produce insights that lead to progressive efficiencies and breakthroughs.

Technology, data and power and the interplay between them will be the feedstock driving this transformation.

The computing power and data storage that will be required to analyze the ever-growing torrent of data will require significant amounts of cheap, reliable energy and next-generation hyperscale data centers. This convergence of these three drivers will create significant disruption—and new opportunities. 

And in this, as in every revolution, the first movers define the engagement.